About the author: Tarek Elbeik, Ph.D.

In 1986, and upon obtaining his Ph.D. in Microbiology at Georgetown University, Dr. Elbeik conducted his postdoctoral program at UCSF studying HIV and cofactors. Following a short post-doctoral program, in 1988 he was enlisted by the Division of Infection Diseases, Department of Medicine, UCSF/SFGH to establish the first HIV Virology Core laboratory in the San Francisco Bay Area in support HIV clinical trials and related research. Besides numerous adult and pediatric clinical trials, his laboratory was the first to evaluate and recommend the HIV viral load assay for monitoring the efficacy of therapy in HIV infected individuals, and conducted extensive research including the evaluation of healthy long-term HIV infected individuals, the effect of the flu vaccine in HIV infected individuals, vertical transmission of HIV from mother to fetus, as well as the role of different cells in HIV infection.  From 1997 to 2005 Dr. Elbeik headed the Microbiology Research Laboratory at UCSF/SFGH where he maintained an active research program in the evaluation of new HIV and Tuberculosis tests and where he raised to the rank of Professor in Research Virology.

Dr. Elbeik maintains extensive experience in both academia and industry, and participated in numerous government and non-government organizations. He is self-employed and head of Elbeik Associates, LLC, a biomedical consulting group, co-founder of the start-up PROCLIVIX designing bibliometric tools to advance the value in biomedical investigators, associate editor at DMID, and teaches public health microbiology at UCB. He holds dual citizenship with the United States and Switzerland, and lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.